Fit to 5K Derailed

Fit to 5K Derailed #lifehappens #5ktraining

In case you have all been wondering, I have not been doing well with my training for the 5K. At all. Basically non-existant.

  • I could tell you about how busy I am and that I just can’t fit it in.
  • Or I could complain about my right knee, which I hurt during my last pregnancy (over 3 years ago), and has not been quite right since then.
  • I could even tell you about how I’m just not really a runner, even though I loved it as a middle school kid.

There are many excuses that I could give, but really there is just this: I have not made it a priority. There is no way I will be ready by my birthday, less than a month away now, for a 5K.

That’s just my life. 

Will I try again in the future? I hope so . I did enjoy running when I used to do it, and I definitely need the exercise. However, I need to really plan and prepare, so will take more time for it if I attempt such a challenge later on.

I’m sorry if I’ve disappointed any of you. I didn’t set out to. I do have good news, though. I don’t need a sponsor for the run but there is still help needed. If you’re local you’ll find information about that at Kingdom Deep. If not, you will find other opportunities around the site where you can donate funds. Please visit Kingdom Deep to learn more about the children you will be serving with any donation.


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wife, mama to five, blogger, foodie, works in social media and marketing, loves Jesus
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2 Responses to Fit to 5K Derailed

  1. You need a running buddy! Come on down 🙂 I don’t like running, never was a runner, but hung out with some and became one – sort of. Hugs to you!!

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