Fall pursuits

I ordered some books for Logan today. He has informed me over the last months of some things he is interested in learning more about. Here is a short list of what he will be doing this fall:

  • Speech…..he will be using Beginning Public Speaking, which was given to me by a Florida friend to try out.
  • Math….Saxon Algebra 1, then moving into Geometry.
  • US and World History from Beautiful Feet Books
  • Apologia Biology, cd-rom version

Logan is also doing a lot of writing in his free time. He’s working on a story you might want to take a look at from time to time. He is also reading The Complete Guide to Wiring (5th edition) that Karl gave him to read in preparation for finishing the basement together this winter.

The rest of the kids will be following their own pursuits. We will still be studying the bible together and I will be reading aloud to them most afternoons. I have also downloaded some apps they enjoy on the iPad. We will be starting and maintaining a garden (just lettuce and carrots to start), learning to cook and creating a cookbook for each child to have as their own once they leave our home for their own, and we will follow the election this fall, possibly completing some related projects.

4 Responses to Fall pursuits

  1. Mimi says:

    Sounds great, Wendy! I’d love to know which apps you found for your ipad. I’ve been searching for some good ones. I think we are due for an email 🙂

  2. Hi Wendy, I think we are FB friends from the FB High School Group? I just saw your FB link for your post about relaxed writing and then I clicked around your home page….and found your note about using Beginning Public Speaking. It looks great! It seems like it would be great for a coop. What do you think of it? Sue

    • Hey, there, Sue! I am embarrassed to say that we actually have not used it as planned. After I looked at it more closely I discovered that it was for younger children and ended up giving it back to the friend who loaned it to me. :/ It did look great! I should go back and update that post to reflect that information, I guess. Glad you stopped by, even though I can’t give you any good info. Hope to see you here again!

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