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Another Pregnancy Update…

I visited the OB yet again today. The Dr. I saw today is probably my favorite. She’s great; very enthusiastic and personable. Not like some of the others who are nice enough but not that friendly. She said my Blood … Continue reading

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Corbin’s latest…

Today, during ‘school time’ I had Hailey and Logan do some jumping jacks between saying their memory verse for this week. Corbin was in the bathroom at the time, right off the living room where we were, and could not … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings

I once took a bible study while we lived in Florida with a friend of mine. I actually helped her facilitate it…a class on organization, but of course all sorts of subjects come up during classes such as these. One … Continue reading

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A Good Day

Today was a good day. We (Karl and I) woke up to watch a beautiful sun rising over the snow-covered field from our kitchen windows. It was a cold day (29 degrees) but sunny and wonderful. The kids and I … Continue reading

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A New Week

We began our new school week by reading about some health issues…health is required in this state. We have been learning all about the respiratory system and cigarette smoking, and how smoking can affect your breathing and overall health. It’s … Continue reading

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