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D is for Digging Deep

I am attending a bible study each Monday night with my husband. We are studying the book of Genesis right now, and will eventually get through the entire old testament. This study has captured our attention! We are, surprisingly, captivated … Continue reading

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Messages of the day

Today I received an unexpected call from a friend. Don’t you just love those? Even better, she and her son (my 9 yo’s very close friend!) are driving up for a visit with my friend’s parents, who live very near … Continue reading

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C is for Celebration

This week at church was Baptism week. They’ve been talking about it for several weeks now, but I had forgotten about it. So, when we sat down Sunday morning and they mentioned that it was ‘the day’, I was a … Continue reading

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Exciting news…..

Any of you that know me are aware that I really like to cook. I love to take photos of meals I have prepared and post them here or over on Facebook. Sometimes friends tease me because I put such … Continue reading

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Discovering science in our own backyard

Today has been a day of science discovery, in a way. As we were sitting at the kitchen table this afternoon, my daughter pointed out an animal in the backyard. After observing for a few moments (we’ve seen this little … Continue reading

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